Why a Travel Advisor?

There are so many positive benefits working with a Travel Advisor, well me specifically, so, here is the most voted reason, my services are FREE and the crowd goes WILD!

Everybody’s time is valuable right? Staring at the travel websites, eyes blurred and it all starts to look the same? So here I am, your one stop shop, I do the work for you, and along with that you receive personalized service before during and after travel. I will do all the extensive research based on your travel preferences and even present suggestions that you may have not known about or considered.

I have access to systems and resources that can offer discounts and upgrades not visible on the public websites and I have connections with key representatives to assist even further. I’ve experienced a lot of travel so I am more then excited to offer firsthand knowledge and if you should ask about a place where I haven’t been, rest assured, after decades of experience, I know precisely where to go to receive the information needed to make your vacation a success.

Take a glimpse of travel today and it looks a little different, but still a ton of fun and exciting. Covid is on everyone's mind and has definitely impacted the way we travel, so if you feel you can’t keep up with the continuous changes, well that’s what I’m here for. I will make sure you are informed of country requirements, receive details of entry process and what to expect so arriving to your destination is seamless.

My clients are like family and it's absolutely essential to me that you are happy with your choices, but it’s most important for you to know, I AM HERE FOR YOU, whether it’s before travel, at the airport, or your destination, be comfortable knowing I have your back, especially if there’s an unexpected interruption, as I will do everything I can and go to great lengths to get your vacation back on track and in good SHAPE.