Travel & Me

I always knew I would love travel...

Growing up in the Northwest was spent mostly hiking in the mountains or beach camping at the Pacific Ocean, both equally as beautiful and fun. It wasn’t until I went to Hawaii that everything I knew about travel changed, ok so maybe it was the excitement of being in my 20’s and having the time of my life that had a great impact on that experience, but when I arrived there, all of my senses were triggered, I could actually smell the fragrant flowers of the tropics, feel the humidity against my skin, and toes in the warm sand, I knew it was a special place and I wanted more.  After several return visits to Hawaii, I spent time in Mexico, visiting Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, mostly warm climates, yes, there's a pattern here, all destinations leading to the SUN.

When I moved to Houston, Texas I continued the hot and humid travel trend and went to Cancun, Mexico and south of there exploring the Riviera Maya. I absolutely love Mexico and thought I had found my go to travel place, but then I was introduced to Europe and I couldn’t get enough of the beauty and diversity in the culture everywhere I went and it didn't stop there, so now travel has become essential in life, it's my ultimate happy place.

I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have been able to experience so many wonderful places and continue to do so every chance I get. It is now my extreme pleasure to share travel knowledge and it would be an honor and privilege to help shape an extraordinary dream vacation for you.

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